Sheikh Zayed International Awards
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Selection & Eligibility Criteria
Media Award


Objective , Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for SHEIKH ZAYED International Award for Media

Award pathways are based on but not limited to the following:

  • Article and reportage
  • Printed awareness media brochure
  • Printed poster
  • Radio material
  • TV material
  • Digital content in all forms and types

Award Requirements:


For potential candidates and applicants to be admitted for the award competition, they must meet one or some of the following conditions:

  • An applicant for the award must be one of the professionals and specialists in one of the traditional or modern media areas (and has all the relevant evidence to prove it).
  • Applicant must be a specialist or interested in health awareness and education.
  • Applicant must be a disciplined activist on social media and must have awareness-raising content that positively affects the community.
  • Applicant must be a positive digital content creator.
  • Applicant must be a graphic designer.

Award Terms and Conditions:


For the media materials to be nominated for the award, the following terms and conditions must be met:

  • The media materials submitted to compete for the award must include a comprehensive media content in terms of form, design and information.
  • The media materials submitted must deal with the one of the branches of Traditional Complementary and Alternative medicine (TCAM)in clear scientific methods.
  • The media materials submitted must have meaningful and beneficial health and social goals.
  • Designs must be of professional quality, providing a meaningful message.
  • Film and documentary materials must not exceed 5 minutes and must have a clear content and message.
  • All submitted materials must have been published in a media outlet within a period of no more than six months and no less than three months from the date of submission to the committee.